During the challenges of 2020, Accenture continued to serve its clients where they needed them most, helping to keep: the lights on, groceries on shelves, call centres operating, broadband running and banking services working. They also moved rapidly to mobilise their people to help their non-profit partners and communities.

Volunteering leave was expanded from one to five days and they provided unlimited paid emergency services leave. They delivered 14,438 volunteering hours, 9,133 hours of pro-bono work, and $180,000 to support the bushfires.

They also helped in other ways, assisting ABCN to digitise programs, allowing online delivery to students around the country – and donating 140 laptops to ensure students from underserved communities weren’t impacted by the digital divide. They helped the Australian Red Cross with pro bono cyber security, back office support, staff training and media relations.