BP Australia

As bp Australia’s Brooke Miller said, during the devastating bushfires “we needed to get into communities, so people could get out’’.

As more and more regions became isolated by fires, fuel supply for those regions became logistically complex. Equally, as towns were told to evacuate, fuel supply became critical to allow individuals to do so safely. During the bushfires, bp worked closely with emergency services to closely monitor weather and road conditions to ensure a safe supply of fuel to affected communities. 

Then during COVID, they not only kept their customers and teams safe, but had to maintain fuel supplies despite the challenges of border closures.

COVID-19 support teams were in operation for eight months through to October 27, with over 60 formal meetings held. Response teams worked with emergency services, government agencies, community groups and businesses to ensure fuel could travel across the country, through checkpoints, to where it was needed including driver quarantine periods. Bp logistics team were able to successfully fill metro and regional markets in preparation for prolonged outage.