Coca-Cola Amatil

One of CCA’s customers in fire-ravaged Mallacoota, Sheron from the Mallacoota Bakery, was in desperate need of stock as they were supplying all the emergency services, and their drinks stock was depleting fast.

Their Victorian team worked around the clock to collect cases of water and fruit boxes to transport to the East Sale RAAF base in less than nine hours from the call to delivery. The emotional response from the customer when a black hawk helicopter arrived with the stock remains a wonderful reminder of how a targeted response can have a huge impact.

“The Christmas trade makes up 90% of our yearly trade and losing that could mean that we won’t survive this year. However, with the help we have received from suppliers like Amatil and the generosity of the community, we know we will survive,’’ Sheron said.

Across the nation, CCA donated 280,000 bottles of Mount Franklin water and Powerade to assist bushfire and emergency crews, as well as evacuated Australians in disaster recovery centres across the country.

CCA’s Alison Watkins said: “We also supported our employees to assist the firefighting and recovery efforts too and provided an ongoing support package for over 2000 of our impacted customers.’’