Compass Group

By April, nearly 3,000 jobs at catering and hospitality company Compass were no longer available but the whole business rallied around to provide income and jobs to as many people as they could. They donated hours to community projects, moved to job share arrangements, and retrained and redeployed into new sectors.

People from airline lounges moved into supporting residents in aged care homes and people who were supporting banks moved into cleaning roles in hospitals.

Compass also started provided meals to people in 14-day isolation, supporting hotel quarantine in NSW. They now have a 200-strong team supporting 12 hotels and work around the clock to provide meals.

Compass Group supported remote communities and vulnerable people, through the sourcing, packing and delivery of the Essentials Box, a range of essential items to give people what they needed when they couldn’t access food or visit the shops.

CEO Shelley Roberts said: “We really dug deep to evolve our service, stand up new production facilities and work as teams across sectors to come together to make it happen safely.’’