J.P. Morgan

Throughout 2020, J.P. Morgan devoted its resources to supporting its community and leveraging one their greatest strengths, their employees.

In January they announced to employees a donation of US$500,0000 as well as a global employee donation matching campaign which received support from 22 countries and 24 US states, making J.P. Morgan the first international bank to pledge support for the Australian Bushfire Appeal.

In the height of the COVID-19 lockdown as the day-to-day work of their Amenity Services team dissipated, J.P. Morgan the firm's resources to partner with OzHarvest and their Home Delivery Service.

OzHarvest’s Home Delivery Service was developed to ensure those who were unable to access food through other avenues, due to health issues, financial reasons and accessibility reasons, that these individuals and families were not forgotten.

The J.P. Morgan team cooked over 12,000 meals and at its peak produced over 700 meals in 48 hours. This program also supported 8 small businesses sourcing produce and biodegradable containers.

OzHarvest’s Talez Santiago said: “To date this small but meaningful program has supported 73 households and delivered over 10,000 OzHarvest cooked meals.”

This support enabled some of the most vulnerable members of the community safe access to meals, particularly those who were fearful to leave their homes due to underlying health concerns.

J.P. Morgan also partnered with Hatch, an Australian workforce start-up that matches university students to jobs.

J.P. Morgan saw the opportunity to help impacted workers and brought countless ASX100 Directors and CEOs and government leaders to the initiative.

Hatch Co-Founder Adam Jacobs said: “The firm sprung to action activating their network. Within a week over 50 Australian employers had joined the Covid-19 Hatch Exchange from Qantas to Country Road Group to Marriot Group, representing 100k+ stood down workers. A week later we had already redeployed the first 150 workers.”

“Our ability to provide an economic lifeline to the many Australians affected by Covid-19 was only possible because of the altruistic vision and speed role of the J.P. Morgan team.” Mr Jacobs added.

J.P. Morgan CEO Robert Bedwell said: “At all times, but perhaps during the pandemic more than ever, we realised the significance of our role to support our colleagues and the community.”

“We all have a common goal, which is to help rebuild a more inclusive economy that creates access to opportunity for far more people, especially the most vulnerable in our community.”