La Trobe Financial

On 9 January 2020, La Trobe Financial announced a $1 million donation, split between The Salvation Army Disaster Appeal and The Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief Recovery Fund, to help people affected by the bushfires across Australia.

La Trobe Financial President and CEO Greg O'Neill OAM said: “Now, more than ever, La Trobe Financial and the La Trobe Financial Foundation are leaning in to help the most vulnerable in our community.”

For customers who were volunteer firefighters, La Trobe Financial also offered financial help including deferral of home loan repayments for up to 6 months.

Very soon after the bushfires crisis – Australia was confronted with a pandemic. In March of this year, La Trobe Financial donated $1 million, this time to the Epworth Hospital for additional ICU equipment to cope with the anticipated influx of COVID-19 admissions.

The $1 million donation to Epworth was in addition to a number of assistance packages.

For home-loan customers who were financially impacted by COVID-19, La Trobe Financial offered a 4-month repayment moratorium to assist with cashflow.

For small business borrowers, tailored hardship relief, including deferral of scheduled loan repayments, waiver of fees and charges, temporary interest-only periods to assist with cashflow and debt consolidation to help make repayments more manageable.

For investors in the $5 billion retail credit fund, easier access to funds for customers suffering material hardship as a result of COVID-19.