Cate Tregalla, Club Secretary, Mallacoota Pony Club

Despite membership quadrupling over the past three years, the Mallacoota Pony Club was in desperate need of financial support following the devastation of the 2019 / 2020 bushfires.

The previously thriving club lost its clubhouse, office, round yard, jumping area and cross country course, as well as the club’s holding yards, fencing, gates, maintenance tools and all horse-riding equipment.

After applying for a CommBank Bushfire Recovery Grant, the Club received $50,000 to rebuild and replace those vital clubhouse resources.
Cate Tregellas, Club Secretary, said:

“There are no words to describe how challenging these past few months have been, and the only thing that has got us through it is our wider community. The support we’ve received is what kept us going after the total devastation of our club and we’re incredibly grateful to those who helped us or simply offered a shoulder to cry on during these painful times.

“CommBank have been incredible. We’re not CommBank customers but they have been so supportive… Now we can look to the future with this $50,000. It will go a really long way in rescuing our club, bringing it back to life and open again once we’re past the coronavirus.”