Tata Consultancy Services

This year, more than 41% of the Australian workforce needed to be nimbly transitioned into workplaces from their homes within a few weeks amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Having created secure, borderless workspaces for hundreds of thousands of our own employees in response to the pandemic, Tata Consultancy Services helped keep 32 major Australian businesses up and running by launching a massive program to ensure business continuity using Secure Borderless WorkSpaces™ (SBWS™) infrastructure.

In doing so, they helped companies enable their employees to work from home to power and ensure business continuity for many mission-critical industries and leading businesses including major supermarkets, utilities providers, banks and airlines.

Enabled by SBWS since March 2020, TCS has supported more than 100,000 Australian employees transition to secure workspaces from their homes and enabled delivery of more than 50 business critical projects delivered under SBWS ™, leveraging location independent agile methodologies.

Vikram Singh TCS ANZ Country Head said: “I am proud of the contribution and widespread impact Tata Consultancy Services has made in helping Australian business amidst COVID-19.”