Tatiana Isaacs, General Manager of Fundraising, Redkite

Redkite would like to acknowledge and provide a testimonial for Coles Online Priority Service team for going above and beyond for families facing their child’s cancer.

When COVID-19 hit, it put Australia’s most vulnerable into immediate isolation. Families with children who have cancer in hospitals, receiving treatment or recovering at home could no longer be out in public with fear of passing on the virus to their immunocompromised child.

Everyday tasks that once were a convenience, could now be the thing that jeopardises the health and safety of your child. On top of that our families could not access basics like hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes and other basic products that are an absolute must when you have a child with cancer.

It was Coles Online Priority Service that immediately came to the rescue. Families facing childhood cancer received an instant access for to online priority shopping and contactless delivery so they could get the supplies they needed and kept their immunocompromised child safe. Coles Online Priority Service provided critical and essential support to nearly 2000 families around the country and helped them stay strong in the face of COVID-19.