Andrew Penn, CEO, Telstra

This year has given all of us much to think about. Between devastating bushfires and threats from the pandemic, the fragility of the world in which we live has been exposed in 12 short months. These challenges have served to highlight the importance of connectivity, and its ability to foster a spirit of closeness.

Through extraordinary disruption, Telstra was challenged to adapt. To find new ways of supporting our customers, our people and the country in a time of need. I am very proud of the way our team responded.

Connected technologies are now right at the heart of the lives of most Australians and increasingly pivotal in shaping our economy, our society and our prospects for the future. Connectivity is changing and shaping how we live, work and learn, and our ability and willingness to embrace a digital future will be central to our post-COVID-19 recovery and long-term competitiveness.