Beacon Foundation

Mark Bernhardt joined as a Beacon Foundation MyRoad mentor in March of 2017.

In every MyRoad session Mark is always excited, energetic, and enthusiastic about speaking with the students, sharing the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead for them and his experience about what has enabled him to excel in his career, from the importance of communication and respect right down to having the right attitude in the workplace.

The students love engaging with Mark and are always interested to hear about his career journey and how it relates to where they are now. He gives great tips and advice that helps make students feel more confident and comfortable about this transitional time in their lives. He uses props including his 40kg dog Gypsy as well as the history of the bicycle to engage students and get them engaged and thinking about career pathways they may not have thought about.

Amazingly, Mark always encourages and supports fellow mentors in the “greenroom” at the start of MyRoad sessions, always sharing a joke and lightening the mood to put other mentors at ease when they are nervous, especially for those first time mentors!  

We would be lost without Mark’s contribution to our programs.