Allegra Spender, CEO, ABCN

ABCN’s mission is to support disadvantaged young people to thrive in the future world of work, and we do this through workplace mentoring with business volunteers. J.P. Morgan has been an outstanding member of ABCN for over 14 years, almost from our inception, with hundreds of their staff mentoring thousands of students throughout this partnership. As well as supporting our core programs, J.P. Morgan has supported us to innovate, particularly in supporting young people with reduced options into employment post-school, and helped ABCN develop its own organizational capacity. 

In 2020, J.P. Morgan has adapted its support to meet the needs of our students in such a difficult year. J.P. Morgan’s staff, including its most senior leadership, have continued to mentor the disadvantaged students we work with, adapting to the digital environment. Appreciating the vital role of technology at this time and the widening digital-divide, J.P. Morgan is supporting our students with over 120 laptops and desktops. They are taking an active role in creating non-traditional pathways for young people through their Traineeship program, and we are delighted that J.P. Morgan has worked with us and Talent Rise to employ a disadvantaged young person in their team.