Customer testimonials

"Bupa was very understanding earlier this year when I was stood down from my job due to coronavirus (I still am). I have appreciated Bupa extending financial relief on my membership fees for 3 months."

"When COVID hit and we were placed into lockdown, my job was made redundant. I phoned BUPA to try and put my payments on hold for a couple of months and to my absolute surprise, BUPA offered to cover my payments for 3 months. It was a wonderful surprise in a tough time and amazing customer services."

"I've been with Bupa for a long time, happy with the benefits, happy with the support during COVID i.e. pause on monthly repayments and complimentary 3 months access to Sam Wood program."

"When I was struggling to pay my health cover during COVID they gave me six weeks grace to get on my feet."

"Bupa was responsive to their members' needs in the current COVID-19 world/lockdown restrictions when they provided a free 3 month subscription to Sam Wood's 28 program. This was an appreciated proactive measure."

"I've been with Bupa for over 20 years non-stop and they have been quite helpful during these challenging times of COVID. Their staff are always really helpful and explain things really well, that's why I stayed with them all these years."