Dave & Bronwen Allen, Owners, The Cobargo Hotel

Coca Cola Amatil’s support - our rep, the delivery drivers and as a Company - was invaluable at a time when our Community was totally decimated by Bushfires. The deliveries continued, and we received an uninterrupted supply when we needed it most. Our rep Michelle rang asking where she could deliver free water, Powerade and juice to best help the Community - this was delivered to the evacuation center at Cobargo Showgrounds.

In Cobargo, the towns folk couldn’t leave, we had no power, roads were covered in debris, and we had no communications. There was very little water pressure, and it was contaminated with soot, leaves and other fire debris. The donated supply of Mount Franklin was invaluable as water was like hens teeth, and vital to our survival - many folk had no access to potable water.

The small things mattered - our rep ringing and checking on us regularly, this made us feel we weren’t alone. Suppliers like Amatil reaching out, offering anything to help, all added up and was so important to our community and our business - as we were one of the only businesses that were still open providing drinks for our town which was quite isolated.

People noticed that Coca-Cola Amatil supported us, this firmed up relationships locally. There was recently a Local luncheon with members regarding the bushfires - and Coca-Cola Amatil was mentioned as being a supplier of choice due to their local support.

The deferred payments assistance was also helpful. People were overwhelmed, and didn’t know where to turn for support, or even have the mental power to carry out the task. Assistance from people on the ground was important and reaffirmed our faith in humanity and the Australian spirit - Coca Cola was a big part of this, and we will be forever grateful for that support.