Geoff and Margi Prideaux, Minderoo Recovery Pod recipients

Minderoo is noun. This year has been life changing. Life was stripped to its essence in a disaster so big it encompassed everything and everyone around us. We looked to governments and our desolation deepened when we found them wandering in aimless circles. We discovered the sharp truth—in these life-defining moments there are few places to lean upon. Despair creeps in. The choices you contemplate take you in drastically new directions, or towards a cliff face from which there is no return. It was into this emotional landscape that the Minderoo Foundation stepped, providing the dignity of shelter and safety, and the gift of remaining with our feet on our land and the time to breathe, look, and plan for the opportunities that might unfold.

The pods arrived like giant presents being unwrapped. These were not vacuous gifts of torn jeans, worn out socks, and dirty t-shirts. These were opportunities. The crews laughed and bantered, their eyes mirrored courage, not despair. This year Minderoo became a noun that means hope, time, and gratitude.