Greg Georgopoulos, CEO, Kangaroo Island Council

On behalf of Kangaroo Island Council, it is with pleasure that I prepare this testimonial for the Probono work that WSP has contributed supporting the Business Council of Australia's BizRebuild on Kangaroo Island providing a range of community-based initiatives to support the recovery of Kangaroo Island following the Black Summer bushfires.

WSP has offered Probono staff including Jennifer McDonnell, Stacie Reeves, Jodie McPhee and Joanne Chong to provide project management and community engagement and facilitation since March 2020 to develop and deliver several key projects on the island. We have witnessed first-hand their work being undertaken in close collaboration with the broader BizRebuild team, National Bushfire Recovery Agency, South Australian Government, Kangaroo Island Local Recovery Coordinator, Kangaroo Island Council and the various business, agriculture and tourism organisations, which make up the Kangaroo Island community. WSP staff have played a significant leadership role in development of implementable solutions whilst being attentive to the community's needs. They have shown wonderful community spirit and expertise, cohesively bringing parties together and facilitating genuine participation with the community to self-determine and lead these projects, recognising and building upon the strengths of the community and connections on Kangaroo Island.

The initiatives they have led and supported on the island includes the West End Recovery Project which is a welcome and necessary investment in the provision of workers accommodation at the west end of the island, supporting Kl Shire Council to seek funding for support to deliver high priority strategic projects, listed in their Kangaroo Island draft Prospectus and Bushfire Response document, and funding for the Parndana Community Hall Refurbishment.