Jemena Electricity Network customer

Jemena gave three weeks’ prior notice of the power outage via post. Then they called a number of days prior and also sent out another letter to remind people of the expected outage listing the date and expected outage times.

On the day Jemena turned off the power at the time they said they would and then turned it on 30 minutes prior to the expected time. They even sent a text message afterwards to provide notice that the power has been turned on. All in all, Jemena cannot be faulted and should be widely applauded for the business practices they have implemented.

Obviously they replace power lines and do this sort of thing every day so the amount of communication to just one household, let alone the thousands that they would contact every week has been tremendous. Jemena and all of its employees should be extremely proud for the outstanding business they are a part of and have helped become.