Jim Mullan, CEO SecondBite

I would like to acknowledge the extraordinary support of SecondBite from Coles as they back our mission of ending waste and hunger across Australia, not only this past year but the previous ten.

2020 presented many challenges for families across the country including drought, bushfire, and the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the increase in demand for food relief has risen exponentially.

Coles immediately came to the support of SecondBite providing essential food donations from its distribution centres, building on the surplus produce we collect from around 800 supermarkets nationwide. This support enabled us to keep up with the increasing number of people in need.

Coles ability to pivot in highly unprecedented circumstances and deliver highly nutritious, appropriate food products in bulk is a credit to their team and their priority of helping Aussies who need it most.

We are extraordinarily grateful for the team at Coles, as are hundreds of thousands of people that the Coles team will never see but have impacted their lives on a daily basis - the difference they have made can never be underestimated.