Marie Coleman, yourtown

The significance of building a transitional home for women and their children cannot be underestimated. It has a far-reaching positive impact, way into the future and supports many families. When families arrive at our refuge they are often extremely frightened, experiencing post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety. Its takes time for them to believe they are safe and can move forward to rebuild their lives again. If not for refuge and the ability for yourtown to move families on into a transitional house, many could become homeless or return to the perpetrator. For a family to thrive it is critically important they are able to move on in a local community where they can be supported by refuge staff to continue rebuilding their future. A transitional house it not just bricks and mortar, it is a home, and a safe place they may have never had before. It is a place where they are in control and independent to create a safe and happy future for themselves and their children.