Matt Cairns, Program Manager, Uniting Vic Tas

Through Uniting’s community partnership with Jemena, and more specifically the Power Changers Community Connections Program, together, we’ve been able to make a difference in the lives of 200+ people struggling to understand and/or afford basic life necessities like energy. An example of that is Client A.

Referred by a friend who’d previously been through the program, Client A was elderly, from a non-English speaking background and struggling to balance new caring duties, ongoing family issues and high household bills, all while on a pension. This resulted in them falling behind on their energy accounts for the first time in their lives. Through the program, we were able to help Client A (‘in language’) access available hardship support, learn advice to save on energy use while staying comfortable in the home, and also connect to broader social services. Their feedback “I can’t believe how much help I have received just by making one phone call. I was really struggling before and now I am grateful of the help”.

As a community services organisation, we are so proud to work with partners who are dedicated to changing their core business practices to focus not only on the financial, but physical and mental wellbeing of people across our communities.