Peter Elligett, CEO, Cookies Australia (Mrs Fields)

Sydney Airport gave both our franchisees 100% rental abatements. One of our franchisees actually got quite emotional during the conversation because they were so relieved.

Sydney Airport have been head and shoulders in front of other landlords in terms of the way they have engaged with and supported small businesses and franchisees over the last 9 months. In our case it’s been the difference between two businesses being able to keep operating or not.

Not only have they given rent abatements, but they are also working really closely with us on marketing and promotions to relaunch now that borders are opening – I feel like they have our back.

I can’t speak highly enough of the collegiate and collaborative approach that they have taken over the past 9 months. The truly understand that we are all in this crisis together and the best approach is to share the pain and make sure we all get through to the other side.