Peter Volf, Chief Inspector of Police, Bega Valley Sector South Coast District

I commend John Appleby for his instrumental leadership and facilitation of support for the Emergency Services, and the community, during the catastrophic and unprecedented bushfires of 2020.
John provided unwavering support to our Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) at Moruya. He assisted seconded police, charities, evacuation centres and anyone in need within the community, during this difficult time. He personally delivered supplies to the Batemans Bay Police Station without request which lifted the spirits of all police in the area.

Despite the adversity John and his team faced – fires raging around the area, no electricity, no phone service, roads in and out of the area blocked – he selflessly continued to operate his stores so that he could feed his community.

John was personally affected during this crisis by the loss of his mother-in-law’s home at Malua Bay, and his family relocated to Sydney so that he could focus on supporting his team and the community, working tirelessly, day and night.

His support has been unwavering, overwhelming and something that will remain in the memories of Emergency Services for years to come. I commend John to you unreservedly for any award or commendation that your organisation can provide him.