Richard Adams, President, Mogo Village Business Chamber

After the disastrous fires of 2019/20 the Business Council of Australia reached out to our community to assist, and ATCO then immediately reached out with the generous offer of supplying temporary buildings.
In 4 weeks a plan was implemented and the buildings were on their way. During this planning stage, there was a shortfall in installation, ATCO then supplied the resources for installation. During installation, the weather had shifted from hot and dry to wet and cold, and the ATCO team continued to install the foundation in torrential rain and ankle-deep mud. The staff continued working in these conditions to help our community and will always be in my gratitude.

To date this kind and generous offer have enabled:

  1. Fire effected business to continue trading and serving the community through employing local community members
  2. Charities to utilize the buildings to give support for local residents who have lost all their personal belongings including their homes
  3. A mental health worker to set up office one day per week since the installation
  4. A meeting place for Mogo Village Chamber meetings to help our community.