Scott Bulger, Executive Director, Epworth Medical Foundation

At the outbreak of COVID-19 La Trobe Financial immediately responded with a $1 million donation to support Epworth HealthCare's rapid response, which was focused on caring for COVID patients, supporting community care and ensuring the safety of our staff. The generosity of La Trobe Financial supported the purchase of a range of medical equipment and the training of staff so that the Epworth Team were ready to respond to the pandemic and care for the Victorian community. 

Equipment purchased included the Australian made Cleanspace Halo personal respirators, which were made to provide critical care for staff in the Intensive Care Units and Emergency Departments. These masks have since been tested in our COVID wards and operating theatres. The battery operated and reusable personal respirators provide safety to our critical care staff whilst preserving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

La Trobe Financial underpinned Epworth's swift and effective response to COVID and was a critical part of caring for our patients.