Sharyn Broer, President & Kate Thiele, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels Australia

On behalf of Meals on Wheels® Australia, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to BP Australia for your incredible generosity. It’s been an incredibly challenging few months for many of our volunteers and their local communities. Many were impacted by the bushfires and were just coming to terms with that devastation when COVID-19 emerged as potentially an even greater risk. Then, when volunteers who were over 70 years of age were asked to self-isolate to keep themselves safe, things became particularly difficult. When organisations, such as yourselves, stepped in and offered support it sent a message right throughout the organisation that we were not on our own. BP Australia’s generosity has had a dual impact. Not only have you provided tangible support by offering vouchers for fuel, coffee or food items, you have also sent an important message that the work of MoWA really matters.