Our partnership with Origin Energy has put simply, been incredible. When COVID-19 hit, the SolarBuddy team saw a huge decrease in donations due to the fact schools were closed and events were no longer happening.

It was a scary time for us. But after one conversation with the team at Origin, we came up with a solution to still enable Origin staff to engage with us and also students.

We created the new ‘FamilyPack’ program where Origin staff families were able to assemble lights together at home and have the opportunity to volunteer and learn remotely.

This really gave us oxygen over such a difficult time.

We were still able our fulfil our purpose, by supporting children living in energy poverty who were also struggling themselves from the impact of COVID-19.

As our partnership develops, we are constantly innovating and coming up with ways we can support each other. We are so grateful for the constant support and passion from everyone at Origin.

We can’t wait to continue to positively impact the lives of children all over the world, creating brighter futures for them all.