Superintendent Andy Holland, Commander, South Sydney Police Area Command

The New South Wales Police Force (NSWPF) and Sydney Airport have always had a strong affinity given the potential for an emergency management situation. The impact of COVID-19 only served to reaffirm and strengthen this bond to a point where I believe that there isn’t a challenge which cannot be achieved or overcome given the trust which has been built during this crisis.

When the first overseas passengers returned and were to be quarantined, it was Sydney Airport Management who assisted me in facilitating meetings between all stakeholders. Within 24 hours we developed processes which were flexible, yet rigid enough to protect the Australian community from what was then an unknown threat. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the Sydney Airport Team who went out of their way to ensure that every request was completed without question. I watched as we transformed a functioning airport facility into a maze of channels, segregated areas, medical check points, cross-checking zones and finally a passenger bus loading area ensuring not a single person moved through the airport without being accounted for.

I would go as far to say that the work put in by the Sydney Airport has been instrumental restricting and reducing the transmission of the COVID-19 spread across NSW.