Talez Santiago, Logistics Day Controller – Cooked Meals Program, OzHarvest

Since June, we have been working with the City of Sydney to provide cooked meals for their Home Delivery Service. Some of the meals our drivers collect from J.P. Morgan go to this program. The Home Delivery Service was developed to ensure those who were unable to access food through other avenues, due to health issues, financial reasons, and accessibility reasons, that these individuals and families were not forgotten.

To date this small but meaningful program has supported 73 households and delivered over 10,000 OzHarvest cooked meals.

“Phillip* lives in social housing with his elderly father. They struggle financially and have limited cooking skills. Prior to Covid-19 they would often rely on cheap fast food options.”

“Mark* is an Aboriginal elder who has a lung condition. He is currently awaiting a lung transplant and is fearful to go outside during the current health pandemic. He tells us that the program has allowed him to safely isolate at home during this time will still having access to food”.

“Lisa* is a single mum with two children. She lost her part-time job in the pandemic.  She accessed the program to help feed her family during a time of crisis..”