Troy Peterken, Owner, Inglenook Dairy

Gratitude and congratulations must be given to Woolworths who over the past 9 months since covid restrictions kicked in, have helped save our small local business.

When Covid 19 hit we lost 80% of our business as we mainly supplied the Cafe industry. This was absolutely gut wrenching for us. We desperately needed a life line and it was thrown to us by Woolworths.

Having a shortage of supply from other large suppliers because of the panic buying we contacted Jonathan at Woolworths in Sydney and asked if we could help top up the shelves as we were desperate to move some milk. Our prayers were answered and we started filling the shelves at Woollies with enough milk to keep our heads above water. We posted on our social media channels and the community really got behind us. If Woolworths didn't provide us with such amazing shelf space and the ability to restock daily I hate to think where we would be.

Woolworths continue to support our business today and we are most grateful. Not only have we survived this pandemic but we are now flourishing. The impact large companies can have is just amazing, too many people have negative opinions about large multinational companies when realistically they provide amazing opportunity for small business like ourselves.

With the increase in sales due to the support of Woolworths we are able to employ three more full time staff and look at being able to take on more local farmers to which we pay a fair farm gate price.