When devastation struck the Glen Innes community, Jennifer Louise Smith realised that although she couldn’t donate to the relief efforts financially, she could help in other ways. She knew she could provide a home to one of the 70 households who no longer had somewhere to live and provide them with some food from her café, Peppermints Coffee Lounge, and cover the costs of their power.

Jennifer called EnergyAustralia to get the power reconnected to a residential unit she owns behind her café. She spoke to business consultant Tim Van Den Bos. He spoke to his manager to see if EnergyAustralia could do anything to support Jennifer and the family she was hoping to put into the unit.

Tim’s manager agreed to cover the cost of the reconnection and to refund the cost of one month’s electricity.

Tim said: “I've been working at EnergyAustralia for nearly 11 years, and I’ve never received a call quite like the one I received from Jennifer …She said that while she didn’t have deep pockets to donate cash, she could offer temporary accommodation to a family in need. Jennifer didn’t ask for any special discounts or favours.’’